CareerWize is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our website. To demonstrate our commitment to user privacy, we provide the following information describing the information we collect and store, how we might use that information, security measures to protect that information, and your rights regarding the way we collect and use that information. This Privacy Policy applies to the online collection of information at our company website only. CareerWize reserves the right to amend or otherwise modify this Privacy Policy at any time. As such, you are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy from time to time for any changes. If a significant change is made, CareerWize will give additional notice.

Collection and Storage

Our web server keeps log file entries of all requests made to the server. Here is an example of a line from the log file: – – “” [13/May/2019:07:39:33 +0000]  “POST /wp-login.php HTTP/1.1” 200 6059 “-” “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:62.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/62.0”

Other than the IP address and generic information about the computer/operating system/browser used, there is no “personal” information stored in the log files. This information is used to trouble-shoot our website and to identify and block abusers (usually people whose computer have been infected with malware and that malware is sending out a steady stream of bogus requests for pages that do not exist).

This information lets us see how users are finding our website and tells us which pages are visited most often. Cookies may also be used to recognize you and give you access to specific areas of our website. You can opt out of the use of cookies by having your browser disable cookies or warn you before accepting a cookie, although doing so may impact your user experience. For more information on cookies, including how you can delete or reject cookies, please refer to your web browser help file.

CareerWize collects and stores in our database certain personal information provided when you request information from us, communicate with us, or sign up for one of our online courses. This information may include: name, address, email address, birth date, phone number, customer ID, prior education, and other personal information. In addition we may collect your credit card number in order to process your sign up and collect payment. CareerWize does NOT store your credit card number, although it may be securely stored by our merchant account services provider ( if you select a multiple-payment plan.

CarerWize never knowingly collects information from children under the age of thirteen, nor is our website designed to provide any service to children under the age of thirteen. If you are under thirteen, please do not give us any personal information. If you have reason to believe that a child has provided personal information to us, please contact us and we will attempt to remove that information from our databases.


Our website does use cookies. A cookie is a very small file that stores information on YOUR computer about your interaction with our website. For example, our use of Google Analytics relies on cookies.

Use of Information

Non-personally identifiable information is used to help us improve our website by enabling us to discover and address the needs of our website visitors. This includes making our website accessible to the various web browsers and operating systems used to access our website. (Actually, it is useful to know what browsers are NO LONGER being used by our customers, and we can avoid spending unnecessary resources ensuring our website works well with those outdated browsers.)

By supplying your contact information when requesting information or signing up in one of our online courses, you authorize CarerWize and its agents (outsource calls centers and academic partners) to contact you (using the information you provide to us) about CarerWize or its agent’s products and services, including product releases and updates, seminars, events, surveys, trainings, and special offers. You can opt-out of future communications from CarerWize by sending an email to or calling 1-888-WIZE-CALL.

From time to time, CarerWize may be required to provide personal information in response to a valid court order, subpoena, government investigation, or as otherwise required by law. Unless prevented by law, CarerWize will attempt to notify the learner involved prior to any release of such information. (As of May 2019, this has never happened.)

This Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties with whom you may become involved in the process of training with CarerWize or in the process of seeking employment. You are advised and encouraged to obtain applicable privacy policies of such third parties in order to know how they collect and use private information.

Secure Web Traffic

Our website only allows secure, encrypted traffic using industry-standard SSL encryption technology.

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