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The absolute best! They come from all over the country, from all different types of backgrounds, and are motivated by completely different things. We love our students, and can’t wait to welcome you to the Careerwize family.

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  • Meagan DeLange
    “Thanks for your help, I failed to mention it before, but this course was AMAZING! It was laid out so well; I really had a great time doing it! I can't wait to start working on the Chartwize Practicum and see how I do."
    Meagan DeLange
  • James Jewett
    “Careerwize was right up my alley for my learning style. If it were any harder I would have gotten too discouraged. I found the content engaging and presented on just the right level of learning for me. Careerwize also came through, helping me landing my first job in Medical Coding.”
    James Jewett
  • Amanda N.
    “Don’t be nervous! I am surprised at how easy it is to learn and retain the information with the way it is presented. I have no coding experience and even though I have medical experience, they are completely different. The course is so awesome, trust me, you will LOVE it!”
    Amanda N.
  • Manuel Haynes
    "Oh my gosh! Super addicting. I found myself clicking through courses and having fun while reviewing some of the more difficult chapters (pregnancy codes). Brilliant design and idea. Congrats on discovering a new way to learn Medical Coding."
    Manuel Haynes
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